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Red Raspberry Seeds (20 Seeds)

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Germination temperature: 20-25 temperature optimum growth temperature: 15-28 temperature

Sowing period: annual sow results: about 20 weeks

Perennial herbs with growth along the ground. Each section roots and spreads outwards, with white flowers.

Cultivation method:
Use of loose, good drainage sand bed, with appropriate compost or leaf soil and manure. Seeds should be lightly covered with soil, about 7-10 days after germination. Best kept in direct sunshine. 

Before sowing the seeds, first wet and mix in sand for 15 days. During the time, regularly check for seeds to germinate. Seeding rate is 200 per square meter or so. After sowing, cover the seeds with 0.3-0.5 cm of fine soil, germination temperature is 18-25 degrees. The increase in temperature will help the seeds sprout early and neatly. Use mulching or  a small shed to promote healthy growth. If using a shed, pay attention to ventilation, if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees at noon, apply appropriate shade. 

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