Electronic Breast Enlargement Massage Instrument-Rama Deals

Electronic Breast Enlargement Massage Instrument

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Size: 13x8.1x7.4 cm

100% brand new and high quality

  • Mute Design--This massager adopts shockproof and noise reduction skills. It's hard to heard the noise, and the super mute design, fully protect your privacy
  • Sexy and Femininity--Gently massage your breasts to fight against age and gravity to help keep your breasts healthy. Helps you become more sexy and femininity. Adhere to every day use, easy to stay away from the disease
  • High Quality--Skin-friendly, comfortable to wear and no allergy.


Able to prevent sagging and atrophy of the chest. Soothing the liver and resolving stagnation, promoting qi and activating blood, relieving swelling and alleviating pain, treating swelling of liver glands and swelling or swelling caused by endocrine disorder and so on.

Can effectively improve the chest connective tissue elasticity, dredge the gland rounded so as to achieve the effect, can more effectively prevent sagging breasts, relaxation.

It has the effect of health care, bodybuilding and treatment. It is essential for women home!

Because of pregnancy, breast-feeding and relaxation, sagging breasts to restore flexibility, and fully stand.

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