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Game Dedicated Bluetooth Headset

Using Bluetooth four benefits:
1> away from mobile phone radiation on the brain, one of the main benefits:
2> liberation out a hand to do other things, of the two main big advantage:
3> car call, then drove his hands are not afraid of the police ticketed more secure three main benefits of:
4> when you answer the phone on the street, do not be afraid someone will rob you of the opportunity to phone home of the four major benefits:
Using Headphones:
1. First, press the power button (telephone logo) and hold until the blue light flashes rapidly (continuous flash 2 times) after release
2. Partial Bluetooth headset operations is as follows: Press and hold the power button until the blue light "long light" after the release, then headset before entering the pairing state;
3. then search for Bluetooth phone, follow the prompts, enter the pairing password 0000, and then has to follow the prompts on it;
4. Press the power button again after the red light flashes, the Bluetooth off;
5. After use, no paired again, simply press the power button, blue light flashing after the boot, automatically connect to the last paired mobile phone good, very convenient.

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