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Goddess self-timer light RK-14 -lithium rechargeable models

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Product size: 80 * 30MM
Product Net Weight: 50g
Packing box size: 83 * 83 * 35MM
Light source: LED soft light source
Lamp power: 3W
Battery capacity: 1000MA
Current and voltage: DC 1A / 5V
Product switch: button dimming (often press the power button for 2 seconds to achieve the white Marquee flash function)
Charging: three-block dimming, charging 2 hours can be 4-5 hours, this phone


1: strong moderate light beads more professional self-timer soft fill light, (iphone6S / 6S plus fill light screen flashing weak, strong soft light bead in the darker areas of light free self-timer,Make up the iphone7 / 7S plus fill light screen flash weak defects)

2: moderate color control light bead designed to simulate the natural light-ray fill light principle, so that even more natural night self-timer, so that the effect is more outstanding and self-timer beauty effect

3: The new clip design of the contact surface of the non-slip mat, to prevent fall off, can clip to the phone, tablet, computer and camera and other places

4: Three lights (strong, medium and weak) adjustable, hold down the power button for 2 seconds, you can achieve Marquee flash function, press the power button switch to adjust the light intensity of the environment for fill light.

5: RK14 can make up for a variety of old features Smartphone self-timer No pre-fill light self-timer function defects, so that the self-timer even more perfect.

6: RK14 It can also make emergency light / emergency flashlight / tablet computer and other fill light equipment, which built-in high-capacity battery, sustainable use of more than 72 hours fill light self-timer shooting.

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