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Supreme Lord Of Couple rings

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Product Size:
Inner perimeter: 55mm, inner diameter: 17.4mm
Inner perimeter: 57mm, inner diameter: 18.2mm
Inner perimeter: 59.8mm, inner diameter: 19mm

Inner perimeter: 62.4mm, inner diameter: 19.9mm

------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------
Product information:
Size: 6MM, number around 17 international, 18, 19 wide, 20, 21
Color: gold, black, silver
Top 316L titanium steel material, the surface after high polished, oxidation treatment, other colors (non-color) vacuum plating, can maintain long-term product glossy.
316L medical quality titanium steel, does not fade, no rust no rust, no fade, no allergies, bathing, seawater, hot springs are no problem.
However, please avoid using sharp objects to scratch the surface, generally recommended bathing, sleeping, when you do not wear, pay attention to maintenance care!